1. ATO BALA” for Art Fair PH 2023

    Ato’ Bala’! Often considered as a colloquial Ilonggo phrase, these two Hiligaynon or Ilonggo words cannot be Googled. Separately scrutinized, ato’ means that or those or there, and bala’ does not mean a bullet, but could mean “you know.” Without any explicit or direct English or Filipino translation, ato’ bala’

  2. Artist Statement

    Behind Closed DoorsSingle Channel Video Projection on Upcycled Window panesAeson Baldevia, 2022 During the lockdown, cases of domestic abuse increased significantly. As we were mandated to stay in our respective homes, These issues never saw the light of day nor were highlighted because of the context that these occur

  3. 21 Photographs and more - 2021

    2021 a year of portraits. I must say, 2021, was a huge leap for me career-wise. I was able to connect with the industry’s best through Tethered in Clubhouse, A group of photographers that meets online every Wednesday discussing anything related to Photography; Met with photographers based in Metro Manila

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